Bloodlines Resurgence?

The Bloodlines Resurgence Project, formerly known as Bloodlines Revival, is community driven and aims to port the game Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines to the latest source engine Alien Swarm.

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At a glance: Goals


  • Re-engineering Game mechanics
  • Art update
  • Usage of modern technics
  • Implementing Multiplayer
  • Easy moddable
  • Robust installer

At a glance: Benefits


  • Engine Bugs removed
  • Debugged game mechanics
  • A proper SDK can be used
  • Better Modding support
  • Nicer graphics
  • No Half-Life 2 required

Welcome to Bloodline Resurgence

Bloodlines Resurgence is a project which aims to update the original Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game to work on the current Source engine. The goals we try to achieve with this tremendous effort are many. First and foremost is fixing a lot of bugs and glitches which can't be fixed by normal fanpatches simply because they are caused by the protected executables and the Beta state Source Engine used by the game. Second, taking advantage of new features available in the Alien Swarm engine as well of the new SDK tools released along with it. Third updating the game to up to date graphics and technology. Read more About Resurgence and its current Status.

A lot of work has been done already, the installer takes care about the conversion process from the Source Beta engine to the latest Source Engine for the most part, some models and textures are updated, improved light/shadow rendering, proper surface reflections and bumpmapping added. We're looking for help with writing custom NPCs and fixing up models and animations. If you are up for the challenge, you can visit the How to Help page.

Help Resurgence!

You love Bloodlines, feel like testing your skills or you just want to learn more? We need help in all departments, C++ and Python coders, modelers, mappers and the helping hand here and there.

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The Wiki

the wikiOur Wiki is the place where we collect and organize information about the project. Here you will find in depth help and advise to get you started in helping resurgence.

To the Wiki (work in progress)

The Bugtracker

BugtrackerHelp us out! Test our releases and report issues, open tasks for work that needs to be done or help us fixing issues listed here.

To the Bugtracker

The Code

the codeGet our code! Clone the resurgence repository today and start developing. Every little contribution counts to revive Bloodlines. Get it on Github!

Recent Code and assets
The old Code

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