The Faith of Bloodlines Resurgence

As most of you may know, Bloodlines Resurgence has been discontinued. Bloodlines Resurgence was kind of unintentionally an experimental project, where an attempt was made to port Bloodlines to a newer engine, to make it easier to mod and keep the game alive. Through the years, attempts were made to port the game to a newer version of Source, Alien Swarm and Unreal, to name a few. It started as a nice idea back in 2007 with the name Bloodlines Revival, where a group of modders had the idea to convert the assets and port the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game to the latest engine at that time. Fast forwarding to now, the project has suffered enormously because of the various engine choices that had to be made in order to keep it alive and going, only to end up hitting the same walls over and over. Seeing how it never got passed to the point of having any proper grounds set with Source (because of how branched it is there is never ultimately a great engine version to choose). Many Source mods that wished to live on embraced the Source licensing which allowed them to implement the latest features from the current Source engine they use for titles such as Portal 2, Global Offensive and DOTA 2 to name a few. There was never an ultimate version to go with for the public, let alone the problematic SDK and lack of proper documentations, and ultimately, lack of devoted programmers who would help the cause. Every experienced programmer has already went to the path of commercializing or licensing their game.

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Bloodlines Resurgence Multiplayer

Bloodlines Resurgence Multiplayer is part of the Bloodlines Resurgence mod, being on the Alien Swarm engine, which pits players against each other in the ultimate team-based battle of Kindred versus Kine. Players choose which side to ally themselves with and which powers and weapons to take into battle. You will have various objectives that you need to accomplish while the other team tries to reach their own goals. All while you battle along the streets of L.A. Each multiplayer map blends intense combat action and strategy with maps that are linked together to create an unfolding storyline.

• Round based game mode
• All ranged weapons (for now)
• Character selection
• Play between Camarilla and the Society of Leopold
• Some variety of maps to play on

Why multiplayer? Why not single-player?
Having a multiplayer version of the game released instead of the single-player part is the perfect way to playtest and experiment on various game mechanisms, while putting on focus features such as weapons, character customization, player animations, Disciplines, feeding and so on.
Because the single player is still far from its core point, it makes more sense having a version of the game that can bring to focus important feedback from gameplay experience while experimenting and tweaking various aspects that can prove useful for both multiplayer and single-player.
The reason why it's called an alpha is because its missing various of the key elements that makes Bloodlines what it is. Features such as feeding and Disciplines. Once they are fully implemented it will move up from the point of being called as an alpha.

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Multiplayer - Open Beta Status & Expectations

As we nearing the final steps of polishing and getting the beta ready to the public, I'd like to address on behalf these last few months, explained in this article: Six months of progress - A summary.

But without further ado, I would like to say that we are still progressing nicely on the project as a whole. We're hoping to release it by the end of the month. However, if anything happens that forces us to delay the release for any particular reason, the game release would be postponed not late than the first week of October.

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Progress Update #1

Hello fellow Kindreds! As always, it's been such a long time since our last news article, but as always, we come with some great news!

I must admit, it's been quite quiet around here, so you might ask, what have been happening lately? Well, first of all we're planning on releasing the multiplayer alpha as soon as possible. And I don't say "soon" loosely either. I should strap a "Valve time" on it so it would make it a whole lot clear on the situation. We were hoping to release it as soon as September, but there were several holds up.
First of all, we were trying to polish the multiplayer in every way possible before releasing. First of all getting the player class done, HUD, menu panels and such. So what is holding us to post pone the release even further? I would gladly say not much, since it's almost in the expected state. One of the biggest issues we have which is nothing too serious is to get all player animations to work properly. Since player animations are being handled differently as NPC ones, I'm going to spare all the details regarding Source's animation system (which is a lovely one by the way). The current issues we have is with weapon aiming, such as not aiming the right direction and not following the player's aim view.
Besides that there are still a few map tweaks and polishing left to do, but despite these issues, it's all ready to be released.

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Six months of progress - A summary

After half a year since the last news, albeit with everyone following us on Facebook or our YouTube channel knows we are far from being lazy! We tackled a lot of areas within the game, not only multiplayer related, no, but also the singleplayer part got some love. We also confused you about engine related matters and for that we apologize. Read on for a run down of what happened during the first half of 2013 within the Resurgence project.

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